May 22, 2012

#50: Graduation. Again. Not really.

So... I didn't schedule myself to attend this "graduation" because I really couldn't be bothered. But circumstances changed and I am now going to put on a suit, walk on stage, smile, get my picture taken and stuff.

I didn't even do this for my university graduation and now I have to do this?! I'm a bit peeved.

Looking at the programme flow together with the special note to "graduates", I'm perplexed and feeling rebellious. We're told to arrive at 7.30am for registration when the VIPs are only arriving at 10am.

Right... I'll be arriving at 9am as stated in the programme, thanks.
Unless they've got only one counter for registration of 200+ or less people (cause let's face it, not everyone is attending this shindig), graduates don't have to arrive a whole two and a half hours earlier.

Actually, since my boss is scheduled to arrive at 10am, I should totally carpool with him to the venue.
Think of the environment, you twits!


benjamin foo said...

Take pride in graduating, it might be a waste of time. But it's one of those things that don come back again , even though its a different kind of graduation !

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