Nov 21, 2011

#45: I think I'm having another quarter life crisis

I love how the cat just peppers on with no reaction or expression...

I've been thinking a lot about my job and the rest of my life.
I don't want to spend it slaving away and not having a life. (At this juncture, being a housewife sounds good.)

I believe that we were put on this world to live and work was something we did to bide our time.
But now, capitalism turned "work" into "jobs".

I look at my superiors and how they work every hour of the day, coming in to work even when they're sick and I know, this isn't something I want for myself. I'm sure they have time off but spending the bulk of my life like this? No, thank you.

I don't want my job to be who I am. I want to leave the office at 5.30pm everyday and not have to feel guilty for leaving early or guilty because I haven't finished my work (because at work, you can never get things done).

Now that I know where I want my life to head, I just need to find out what I love doing so I can get there.

This is depressing.


_VeL_ said...

Photographer, maybe?
Life is that way, I think. Probably your work is not much of a challenge. Try applying other jobs then. Maybe you'll find what you want eventually. :)

BenjaminVai said...

*crashes in the window and duck and roll *

Dam this post is long ago~

But yea, truth is you gotta find what you love. and dip urself in the peers that does that. den you can see if u are truly meant for it.

cheahwey said...

Ben: what an entrance...

benjamin foo said...

*sneaks up the toilet bowl* because malaysia don have chimneys

Merry Christmas!!!!