Sep 27, 2011

#44: Politics... it irks me

Look, how in hell are we supposed to apply hudud laws in a country with different races?
Can't you get over yourselves and start looking at the bigger picture here? When you have laws like this, you're creating a political divide. How is that different than what the current government is doing?

It's time to stop looking at ourselves as three different races (dan lain-lain) and see ourselves as one people.
Everyone deserves the same opportunities and punishments. Rejecting a job applicant from government service because she's a Malay-Chinese mix cannot be tolerated. Limiting government scholarships to prestigious universities abroad to Malays cannot continue. Partaking in shady distribution of government tenders should be outlawed. When you stop giving preferential treatment to one group, then will the people have the chance to become united. The sense of "being in it together" will reverberate even strongly.

It's time to move on from this selfish mindset and start thinking globally. All this crap that's been going on for years has already cost us so much. Foreign investors aren't interested in what we have to offer, people are fleeing the country because of corruption and unfairness, independent agencies are partial to the government... The Prime Minister's Wife blowing up her husband's mistress with C4. Really. WTF, man?

Worst still, this government wanted to build its own cars like other countries so they hold back on improving public transportation which forces people to buy local (and crappy) cars. (More like washing machines on wheels). On top of that, foreign car manufacturers are charged a 200-300% tax on their vehicles which forces people to buy local cars and also makes buying cars unaffordable.

Now, what's a person to do if they can't afford a car and public transportation blows? They buy a motorbike. And then they die because most Malaysian drivers bribe test officials to pass their driver's test. They don't belong on the road.

It's happened for so long that people just take it. They accept it for what it is.
But NO. It's a chronic problem that's disguised as an acceptance of how things just are.

It's unfortunate that even though PKR claims that it's fighting for everyone and change to the current system, they'll never be able to truly change the way things are. They're a relief to the disease, not a cure.

I've had enough of this shit.


_VeL_ said...

So true. Haih. Already gave up our hope. Look for better future somewhere else.

cheahwey said...

Heard from Teing that Oz immigration lowered the points required to obtain PR.

_VeL_ said...

Absolutely not. The points is lowered to 65 but your occupation still has to be on the SOL list. If not, you're not eligible at all. No matter how, SOL list is still the key.