Jul 17, 2011

#43: It's just how people live now

The problem with fresh grads

PETALING JAYA: Poor attitude -including asking for too much money - is the chief reason why employers shy away from hiring fresh graduates. Another common complaint is that many graduates are poor in English.

I think the root of this difference in expectations stems from the generation gap.

You and I, we graduated from foreign universities; we get to travel to Europe, if not we'd hang out at Starschmucks all day; we don't have to worry about money and we even get to choose who we want to be and who we want to work for.

Because of this wealth and privilege, our standards of living don't start at 3 (if it were a  1-10 scale) like our parents' did, but instead it starts out at a comfortable 5, at the very least. With these standards, a young adult would wonder, "how am I supposed to survive on Rm1800 a month"?! Besides, inflation isn't helping.

There's also a connection to how all this commercialism, technology and pursuit for wealth (e.g. parents spoiling their children, parents too busy to pay attention to their kids) creates people with poor attitudes but I won't go there. I have an IKEA office chair to put together. (Let's hope it's not as complicated as a shelf.)

Now when your mum and dad were our age, they were poor; they didn't have opportunities to further their studies overseas and didn't have a choice in their employment. As long as there was a vacancy and a salary, they'd take it.

Today, this generation are senior managers in every company young grads seek employment with.
The younger generations' views of the world doesn't quite jive with the bosses'. Both parties were brought up differently and lived very different lives. 

Your parents (representing Employers) brought you (representing Young Grads) up with a life like this. Ergo, they brought this crapper on themselves? But surely they did it because they love us, right?

So how do we solve this clashing of ideologies?
I would think salaries or benefits have to be increased somehow.
Senior management today need to understand that this generation of people don't live the same way they did. 4 year old kids know how to operate iPads for goodness sake. They have to keep up.
Y.Grads have got to learn manners... and English. 
Y.Grads can't be obnoxious a-holes but have to be the ideal rookie (e.g. eager, hardworking, willing to learn, everything your parents were like when they were younger) because Baby Boomers are still wielding the stick.
And parents, stop spoiling your children, teach them principles and expose them to all sorts of people, cultures and experiences. Your kids don't have to have great exam results, what they need are soft skills.

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