Jun 14, 2011

#41: Life right now is good

Hello, peeps. It's been a while.

I've been undergoing training for about 4 months now and apart from crazy high expectations my superiors have of me, I'm doing fine, I suppose.

You really don't learn anything till you've gone out into the world to live.

I've made some new friends, very much different than the ones I met in high school.
I've also experienced the joy of leaving work on time almost every day.
I've met really cool people throughout who inspire me to be someone today rather than tomorrow.
I've learnt a bit more about the financial industry and am tempted to take on a degree in Economics.
I've learnt the importance of networking; when before, I hated the idea.
More importantly, I've also learnt that at the end of it all, all people really want is to live with meaning.

I feel so emotionally appreciative right now.

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