Apr 13, 2011

#39: Back to civilization from the Outward Bound

In case any of you were wondering -- I'm looking at you, Ben Foo.. thank you for asking! -- I was in Lumut for 10 days on a leadership development programme organized by Outward Bound Malaysia Lumut.

The idea of the camp is "back to basics". There, they stripped us all of our phones, cash, pen knives and food. You'd think it was a violation of your rights. I was practically reeling inside when I had to give up my pen knife because I thought I needed it for something... anything.

Throughout the 10 days, I got to jungle trek; row a whaler (a 2 tonne boat used in whale hunting); rock climb and; solo camp.

The (7 hour) jungle trek we did gave me an ass lift and now it's firmer than before! Forget leadership development, I'd go again just to be in better physical shape.

Apparently, rowing is one of the activities where all the underlying rage surfaces. Some groups were lucky in that they had the wind on their side which allowed them to sail most of the entire journey. Others had none and were forced to row for 7 hours. Some broke down and cried, some yelled at each other and at the instructor. The boat was literally a boiling pot in the middle of the ocean.

Rock climbing was the most fun because I got to climb again after 1 year! One of the instructors said to me, "that's good belaying". DON'T YOU KNOW IT.
Alas, I got rope burn... despite the fact.

It was definitely something you didn't do everyday and it was great to have experienced it. The best part is we had physical activities everyday which means I can now brandish my new and improved pair of guns proudly.

The one thing they can do better is the cleanliness of the dorms, especially the beds. I think I may have gotten bed bug bites. If not, I may have gotten scabies from someone who might've gotten it from their solo camp. Frak.

Sorry guys, no pictures. Didn't have a camera with me.
Despite the fear of theft, if you do have the opportunity to attend Outward Bound, bring your damn camera (point-and-shoot only). It'll be worth it.