Mar 14, 2011

#37: Thoughts and prayers are nice and all but they don't help [update]

In light of all the devastation that's happening in the world right now, it would be incredibly callous of me to announce that I've gained a kilo. So I'm not going to. I'm just going to ask that you do a little good right now.

I think Malaysia needs to review it's efforts so far in extending help to Japan. 
Judging by news reports, countries on the other side of the world have already deployed rescue teams while Malaysia, located in the same region, has yet to do so. 
In fact, Malaysia has done quite the opposite -- the awesome people at Berita Harian made the intelligent decision of using the disaster as a joke in their paper. Way to go, douches.

For those of you who want to help with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts, you may visit this link to make donations:
(Charities listed in the link accept PayPal donations. It will ask for an email address and password for registration but don't let that stop you. Network for Good, the organization running the service, will charge a 5% grant (tax-deductible if you're in the US) so 100% of your funds go to the charities you've selected.)

I'm looking for (local and international) organizations, that will help rescue animals in Tokyo, to make donations to. Also, I haven't been able to find any links for Malaysians to make donations via e.g. online banking, or really, any tax-deductible donation options available to Malaysians. If you know of any, please share them here.

[Edit: 6.32pm March 16th]
I found a coalition of three groups -- HEART-Tokushima, Animal Garden Niigata and Japan Cat Network, that is raising funds to help rescue animals in Japan and they are accepting donations.
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

If you need a little nudge: think of your donation as thanks for the Japanese's bidet toilets; great food & snacks; world-class customer service and; hilarious variety shows.
Although, you shouldn't be needing a nudge.


_VeL_ said...

I would like to donate to all of these la. But I have very limited funds. Can only pick one or two. Haih. All of them need funds.

cheahwey said...

There shouldnt be any expectations involved when it comes to donations. So donate what you can, even if its only just one.

sean said...

i like your nudge...quite powerful.

Nilay Miller said...

My prayers are no good? Well your money wouldn't too much of a help as well.

Japan is not a broke-ass country, they happen to be one of the richest country in the world. Your donations are just a nice gesture to them, whether or not your donations go in, Japan is just as capable to handle the disaster on their own.

I not saying don't donate, but right now seeing the situation , your money is just as much help as my prayers.Whether or not you believe in religion , at least 40 % of the Japanese people are also praying.

Have you donated to countries that could really use the money? For instance the Bandar Acheh tsunami victims of 2004, or donations to the people suffering from poverty.That is where your money really really matters.

Don't get me wrong here but your cry for help seems to me like it is coming from the love you have for Japan and you wouldn't have this much of a concern if something like this were to happen in a country like say, my home country Turkey.This comes across as a selfish good deed to me.

I'll give you credit for your intention to save the animals in Japan.

cheahwey said...

Hi Nilay,

Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Japan may be wealthy but rescue efforts by other international organizations require money to execute so I believe my money is going to help fund that.

The problem with other SEA countries is that money you donate go into the pockets of corrupt politicians.. So when I donate to those countries, I prefer to donate items they can use or get involved in a micro-financing scheme like Kiva.

I love Japan, I love the weather, the trees, the sights, the awesome bidet toilets, I love their discipline... (not so much their porn, hentais or animes)... so why not?
I'm a practical person, I see money as a tool that we need to get things done. Disaster has hit and if I can help fund rescue efforts, why not?

I'm not sure why you assumed Turkey wouldn't receive the same help as Japan if you were hit by a 9.0 earthquake and over 20,000 people are missing and dead.
It's something people would cry over, be sad about and would want to help. I don't believe most people would discriminate when it comes to things like that. (Apart from that God is Good lady on Youtube.)

Thanks for visiting!