Feb 25, 2011

#36: Downtime

Now that I finally have some downtime, I've fallen sick with the flu. It's always like this, isn't it?
I'm supposed to be having some really good nasi lemak tonight but with this flu, it may not be advisable... This sore throat is ruining everything. *throws fake tantrum*
I'm still having that nasi lemak though.

In other somewhat-depressing-yet-celebratory news, I got a new phone today. The Nokia E5 was a little over my budget at Rm650 but hey, as long as it isn't the N73 I'm currently using -- messages aren't arriving when they should, the device drains the battery, it restarts or turns off at will... I can't tell you how many times it's almost f**ked me over during crucial moments. So, YAY for the phone and NAY for the total money spent this month.


nicole said...

yer why dowan buy blackberry? i was hoping u'll get one =(

ya mine same thing but after changing the battery everything seems fine.. not fine lah, better lo.. but it heats up quite fast -_-

cheahwey said...

no budget for a BB

nicole said...

wei bb curve about rm100 more only wert -_-

cheahwey said...

is that with a contract? cause i dont want contracts.. correction: i didn't want contracts