Dec 23, 2010

#33: It feels good

Today, I ate four Chipsmore chocolate chip cookies, a whole pack of cheesy Super Ring goodness and three Tim Tams.

My guilt must have been screaming at my conscience because I WENT FOR A JOG TONIGHT. Oh yeah.


_VeL_ said...

Wahlao.. Fattening! I had Cheezels yesterday night. HAHAHA.

Jog more~! XD

cheahwey said...

Looks like my next jog is Sunday night. I missed tonight's because I was harvesting crops from my make-believe farm :(

_VeL_ said...

OMG. You actually play that FB game? It's a stupid game. Anyway, have fun jogging! Did you drag Teing to jog with you? I think she's been procrastinating too. LOL

cheahwey said...

No, I don't play FB games.
It's a PopCap game (Alice Greenfingers). Lester copied it into my HDD a while back.

I invited her but she didn't want to go. I'll try again on Sunday.

_VeL_ said...

It sounded like a FB game. Anyway, keep it up with your jogging habit! =)