Dec 12, 2010

#32: Sweet, innocent childhood

Like I've mentioned before, kids can be evil. (Or was it "kids are evil", I can't remember?)

We have our childhood stories of how we used to set ants on fire, kill our goldfishes with mummy's medication and, launch terrapins up in the air for sport. (Disclaimer: these are really other psychopaths' stories :D)

I can't say I've drenched a rat in kerosene, set it on fire and open the cage door because I'm just so terrified of rats. Neither can I say I've caught a grasshopper and taped it to the blade of a fan and turned it on because giant flying insects scare the bejeezus out of me.

All I did was drip wax, burn or, stomp on ants and pull the legs/wings off mosquitoes. Can't say I've had much experience in this field.

Now as adults, we know this is wrong. Well, most of us. But as adults, when you share these kinds of stories with each other, you'll have a ball of a time! You'll cringe but you'll always end up laughing your asses off.

What sort of crazy crap did you use to do to animals and insects?


_VeL_ said...

Wahlao. I never play with ants. You brave lah. Some more pull mosquitoes's legs. -___-

Nor I don't have any crazy childhood memories with animals or insects. Hmmm. Really loh.

cheahwey said...

Never experimented with fire? Some minor act of animal/insect abuse? Nothing? Haha, what are you going to tell your kids?!

_VeL_ said...

Erm.. No! My grandma was very strict, she didn't let us play anything that was dirty or dangerous at all. I wasn't allowed to eat chewing gum at all until I was in secondary school, I think. She scared I'll accidentally swallow it. HAHA

Are you going to encourage your kids to do those animal/insect abuse act? HahHA

Anonymous said...

I'd feed dead ants to spiders on their webs.

Realised they don't eat them.

Then I started feeding live ants to spiders.

Science. This is science.

cheahwey said...

Anonymous: LOL. Yes, it is!

-Littlenicky- said...

like any other kids i tortured cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants haha. and i killed rats too. and I drown my hamster but it was an accident!

because my dad told me that hamsters can swim and mine cannot so every 2-3 days i will fill a pail of water and place the poor little thing in the pail so that it will "learn how to swim" but i was holding it at the same time lar.. then tht time i went away to turn off the gas and tah dah! my hamster died hahahaha..

rats ah, my grandma will poison them, then i will burn the dead rat at the back alley to "warn" the other rats in the neighbourhood not to come to my house hahahahaha!!

omg im damn sick lol