Nov 23, 2010

#30: Being optimistic doesn't help

Today, I did a psychometric test where we were required to rank each sentence in order of which best describes ourselves.

This sentence came up:
"I deal with stress effectively".

I moved it to the bottom. Well, almost bottom.

This evening, after a really shitty day at work (and a shitty month altogether), I thought I'd leave work a little earlier than usual to make myself feel better.

I forgot about the horrible traffic.

I ended up yelling in the car.

It did make me feel a bit better, so I did it some more.

Then another really stupid thing happened and I just started crying.

If it's as the saying goes, "there's only so much a person can take", don't tell me this is all I can take?

How the heck do you manage stress effectively? Because from my four (edit: LOL, either I wasn't thinking straight or it really did feel like four months!) two months at this job, I've learnt that immediate relief is just what it is, a quick remedy. It doesn't make the underlying anguish go away. All you need is another trigger and the waterworks begins.


_VeL_ said...

Work in KL is like that wan la. Jam is stress. Work is stress. Office politics are even stress. Fortunately, your office doesn't have any la.

Yelling in the car is good! Did someone look at you? As in cars around you? HAHAHA. Say hi if people actually look at you. Funny heh. XD

Think of the salary you're going to get. Probably that cheers you up a little. Think of what you want to buy with the money to make yourself happy a bit.

Cheer up kay. Hope you'll get better soon. :)

Gzhang said...

You need a bitch buddy!

cheahwey said...

MY office got politics wan leh. i learnt that no matter how small the office, there will be politics.

I was crying.. not looking at people and crying. Let them look lah...

The salary I get goes to savings ler.. i tried before once.. after my internship, I was like.. "OH BOY, MY FIRST PAYCHECK". Then I spent half of it on a stupid pair of jeans. So.. no more spending without thinking.

*reads your suggestion*

If you have a willing ear, can make sense of unfamiliar stories real quick, and can pretend to know what the hell I'm talking about (like you're experiencing it too), please send an email to hwey at cheahwey dot net, with subject, "bitch buddy".

Successful applicants will be notified by email. Relationship development opportunities await you. We'll go to the movies together and all that!

Closing date: 29th Nov 2010

kaeshiuh said...

You need to spend some money for yourself one if not you wont be able to tahan hehe

_VeL_ said...

Also have office politics ah.. Can't avoid wan la then. Just pretend to be nice and all. Don't involve in any conflicts la. I feel some of the local crew members in my workplace are kinda racist. They just don't talk to me, even I'm around them. Haih. But my new store manager is a great person. Can't wait to leave that store that I'm having training now.

Anyway, talk about savings. Don't spend half of it la. Just a bit nia. On food, snacks or high tech thingy that you want. This month spend half, then next month don't spend la. Also think before you spend la. :)

I miss you!

cheahwey said...

Kai: My solution was to watch comedies but I don't have the luxury of time to do so. I may have some free time soon. I'll pass you the tees.

Vel: They pretend you're not there or what? It could be because they genuinely don't have anything to say to you.

-Littlenicky- said...

i hate office politics. can really suck up all your juice even when u'r trying so hard to avoid getting involved in either party and stay neutral. it sucks.

yes u need a buddy come to me buddy i want to see u cry. fren so long but haven seen u cried. i've seen teing cried, even brenda, but not u. lol

ah yes i rmb ur stupid pair of jeans, it was indeed a stupid purchase!