Sep 14, 2010

#24: Rogue Human Chick

Hey, boys and girls.

What I'm about to tell you may totally repulse you (girls annoyed by their boyfriends, thus, hating that I'm playing it too); make you go "huzzah!" (boys liking that their friend is now playing it too); or nothing at all.

I'm playing World of Warcraft.

Give it a minute, let it sink in.

I was asked to try it out months ago but I kept putting it off. I think deep down I was conditioned to keep the amount of new FPS, RPG games I play to a minimum because I always get sick in the middle of game play. When I started Grand Theft Auto in Perth, I had a cold sweat and went dizzy and puke-ish. Same thing with the demo for Call of Duty. Not exactly a positive reward for playing them.

But now I've stepped in to the realm of Khaz' goroth (a realm in WoW) and I kind of like it. It's fun when you're playing with someone else, just don't do that with a trial account because half the time you don't know if your partner can actually read your messages, unless you verify that with them. Mine didn't respond when I asked if he/she could read my messages. Good healer, though.

My 10 day trial is going to end soon. Should I purchase an account? I may not even have time to play now. Why can't it be a one-off purchase, like Starcraft??!

Group quest, anyone?
(Wtf is a raid party? What do you raid?)


les said...

Hahaahah nice.. raids are super fun btw.. but very stressful.. one mistake can cause the entire team of 25 or 10 to die.. and u will get kicked out.. haha don worry tho.. only at level 80 u can go on raids..

I told u to play it.. ..haha if u want u can have my account for a test run.. just do the top up and play .. not sure if ill have access to non pvp realms i think can tho..

sigh i miss my rogue,use to do top damage in raids.. so nice.. if i go back to the scene ill be so outdated.. sucks. Daeffable the Explorer was my title.. woot..

and u picked alliance??!? lol go horde! but i guess don matter when u're in non pvp realm.

les said...

lol if the beginning was fun for you.. the world is big man.. there's tons and tons of other fun stuff .. like crazy fun..i miss it.. saad

taipau said...

u just made my day ROFL, KTAL

cheahwey said...

leS: maybe i'll work out how many hours a day i have to play to get my money's worth, especially if im working, haha.

but if there are so many people in raid groups, your one mistake may not actually lead to the deaths of your mates, won't it?

ben: glad i made your day :) unless you were talking to les, then this would be embarrassing.

les said...

hahaha u'd be surprise what the mistake of one person does to the whole team..

can lead to few others dying..
can lead to everyone dying..
u have less to worry about if you are a rogue..
tanks have to keep the boss on them all times
healers mustnt miss a heal ever..especially tank healers
priest and rogues must play the part of dispelling and interrupting spells being casted by the boss..
tanks cannot ever make a mistake..
healers too..
as a rogue you are expected to do crazy damage..
warlock and warriors too.. =)
not enough damage on to the boss will lead to the team dying eventually lol..
not avoiding boss' attacks will also lead to team dying..
lol you'll have to learn the fights if u want to raid..
need to know what the boss does.. and how to avoid or counter it.. or else ull get kicked out of the raid..
get it? olol there's a reason why 25 ppl is needed..cause otherwise its almost impossible. unless u have like 23 or 24 pro players..
pure teamwork is keey.. and ull need ventrilo to listen to the raid leader's orders.. and what you're assigned to do.. typying just wont do it...
stress right? BUT SOO FUN WHEN U KICK THE BOSSES ASS.. haha if i continue and u buy.. u me bird and his two friends can go on 5 man heroics.. really fuun.. haahahahah omg .. that the dream

-Littlenicky- said...

but if there are so many people in raid groups, your one mistake may not actually lead to the deaths of your mates, won't it?

it will!

yea yea lester 5 man heroic so fun hor. why dowan include his cousin? then i can one shot kill u hwey bird and his cousin


omg man i need few friend and a new bf