Aug 30, 2010

#23: The subtlest of peer pressure

You know, when you give friends advice and you clarify by saying, "that's what I would do" because you don't want them to think you're pressuring them into doing what you've suggested? Really, you're pressuring them into doing something you've suggested.
It's paradoxical. Think: peer pressure.

Peer pressure is the subtle nudge of influencing your friends into doing something or being more like you, right? So when you say, "that's what I would do", doesn't that just mean, "oh look, you're in a bind. Now, this is what you should've done in the first place because if you'd done it, you wouldn't be in this glorious vat of poop, would you? And because this is something I would've done, the logic follows that I'm better than you (which makes me shiny... and people like shiny things)".

It's the same with advertisements, role models and sorts. Okay, not quite. In this scenario, the assumption is that it's a subconscious move on your innocent little part. Ads and role models on the other hand are carefully designed to convey a message. But that's where the dissimilarities end.
They're similar in that they both send a message, a little whisper in your ear, to do something. So after hearing your friend's advice, you'd go, "huh, that kinda makes sense". You may or may not heed it but it doesn't matter because it's been planted into your mind. (Huh, that felt a wee bit like Inception). From there, it can always be pulled out again like a file and you may actually end up succumbing to that "pressure".

Despite the best of intentions and when viewed, simply, like this, the friendly "advice" could potentially be a peer pressuring tool, doesn't it? I mean, that's how I see it.


taipau said...

y is tis still #23?

cheahwey said...

not doing much.. or thinking much, these days, that's why still stuck at #23.