Aug 23, 2010

#22: Panic

Hey, it's been a while.
What could I possibly be so caught up with that I've neglected this journal?
Not much really. Mostly trying to escape reality with awesome shows because I'm so overwhelmed by life after graduation.

Speaking of life after graduation, I was on my way home from giving out sanitary pads to girls in Negeri Sembilan when I received a call from a prospective employer. By the way, I won't recap Interview Day because the interesting stuff always happens the day before!

Number one: the guy on the other end informed me of an interview that was happening the next day. As always, I freaked.
Number two: he knew how to pronounce my name! Yes, number two is actually a big deal because usually, no one can.

Anyway, I got nervous. Sitting in the van, I felt trapped (no where to go, duh). And because I felt unprepared. I started comparing the number of interviews I've been in versus the total number of jobs I've held. Turns out, my experience in the interview room is paralysingly limited: only two interviews before this one.
That thought made me want to throw up in the car.

Helping make the barf parade happen was my need for a presentable outfit to wear. My closet is filled with funny and ironic tees, so obviously, nothing quite appropriate there.
If you have landed a job wearing tees and jeans to an interview, leave your name and I will name my baby after you.
I also needed to decide if I needed make up. I texted Nicole, my saviour.

By 11pm, I'm home with an extra set of outfit and Nicole in my house teaching me how to apply make up.

Make up is hard work. Boys should appreciate how much their girlfriends do to look pretty for them. Nicole pretty much poked my eye(lids) a lot and then it looked kind of swollen after that. (Although it could just be the make up, I'm not sure). But she did a very good job! Such skill in such a tiny person...

I liked what the mascara, eyelash curler and eyeliner did to my eye so I gave it a try.
Can't say I did a great job though: I got liquid eyeliner in my eye. Twice in a row. Then I think I got make up remover in my eye later while washing them off.

Highlight of my week, really. Nothing like friends coming to your rescue when you need them most. I should do something nice for them :)

Till next time.


kaeshiuh said...

Sitting in a van to interview , 好像卖猪仔哦~哈哈

cheahwey said...

Eh, it was a nice van lah. Serena, you know.

Mr.K said...

haha , so get the job already?

cheahwey said...

I think it'll be a little while before i hear anything.