Aug 7, 2010

#21: Soh-li, I foh-got

Today, I was determined to dismantle this old dresser that's been sitting in my room for a while now. It has sentimental value but frankly, it's taking up space. The only thing I like is its large mirror. As I started removing the first screw, I was told to fumigate the furniture, in case creepy crawlies had set up base there. And then I had nothing to do.

I then decided to set up a home network printer because it'd be extra useful to have that. Nicole came over late one night needing to print something and we had to intrude into Mum's room just to get it done, so you see why it'd be nice to have it. The process was supposed to be simple enough but I fiddled with that for a while, not being able to figure out what the problem was. Turns out it was an unnecessary firewall setting that was preventing a connection. So that was done.

Soon after, I went downstairs and Dad's all sweaty and stuff. (Not as hot as one might think :D).
He was talking about his plants; brushing them, lamenting how it's being eaten by caterpillars and grasshoppers. Turns out, this little guy was on the leaf he just brushed.


Of course, I went and snapped a few photos. It's funny though, how men like my Dad get all excited over it, asking me to snap this and that. My uncle was like that too. Is it just something men do at their age, or a dormant "kepoh-ness" awakening? Tell me, I'm genuinely curious.

Where was I? Oh yes, in his excitement, he found a locust. He got even more excited.


After all that hoohaa, I just hung around till dinner time. Then a mate from college came to visit. That lasted a few hours. Right after that, I went out with Teing and the boys. You'll notice that narration of my activities after dinner are sped up. It's 2.30am now. I think you get it.

Later in the morning, I'm having roti for breakfast and then to the office to pick up some forms for a data entry project, and straight to Lester's to watch a hilarious video. What a great way to start the day.

Till tomorrow. Or next week, judging by the frequency in which I write.

Oh and you know what? That old dresser isn't dismantled yet.
Really, I woke up that morning and dismantling that thing was the one thing I told myself I would do that day. Hours later, it's still intact. I forgot about it.

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