Jul 22, 2010

#19: Why you so like that

I've been on the job for two days now and although I don't know my colleagues that well, I'm pretty sure they don't truly appreciate what the guys in this female-dominated project do for them.

The guys, aka handymen, aka Muscle. Like most professions and understandings of social class, the population at the bottom of the triangle are seen as slave, cheap, dumb, unimportant labour. Not all adjectives apply, but you get what I mean.

The girls, aka promoters. Just today, some of the girls were talking about the next morning's plans. Because we would have competition tomorrow, one suggested (jokingly) that we get the "lorry drivers" aka the boys to come earlier to reserve some space for the promoters (the girls) for the next morning. At another point, a bunch of them were chatting, talking about an upcoming work related trip. They talked about the handyman, aka Lester, aka my good friend, his responsibilities during the trip, which includes driving them around, getting things, basically anything that he is asked to do. Now I didn't catch everything they said but I was under the impression that they described his responsibilities as, "like a dog". If not, less offensively, "driver".

I take issue with that because it's always people from the so called "bottom of the food chain" who should command our respect. During my internship, the film crew work the hardest. They're always the first to arrive and last to leave. Like the props team. One night, they worked till late in the night and the assistant director had the tenacity to announce an early call time. The crew weren't happy. The next day, everyone but the crew had arrived on set. We couldn't start the shoot without them. Finally, the crew arrived at noon and awesomely, the assistant director didn't give the crew crap for it because she knew that it was unreasonable of her. (That's what I surmised from what happened).

Without the guys in this project, these girls wouldn't even be able to stick to an efficient schedule, let alone set up all the things required for this roadshow. Do you know how heavy some of those things are?! Also, sometimes they're late and the lorry drivers are forced to wait for them. But when the drivers are late, they complain not just amongst themselves, but to the driver as well. Talk about being self-centred. And thick.

Just today, while we waited for the loading truck to arrive, Lester was keeping everything, clearing the place up. NO ONE bothered to give him a hand. All they did was sat there and chatted like a gaggle of annoying girls.

Girls, I get that the big ass equipment may not be your responsibility but at least lend the guy a hand. He's only one guy and you're like... FIVE girls.



LeS said...

lol,oh how nice of you.. that just made my day.. =) it's ok, i enjoy doing it, i get better sleep at night using up all that extra energy. Thanks for your help tho lol, made it easier.

btw that asam laksa really brings u up high doesnt it.. lol there's pressure in my ear.. thanks thanks.
and and and if you haven't watch.. death at a funeral is some funny shit..

cheahwey said...

you're welcome and no problem. sometimes you dont let me help you also lah... the simpler things i can do ma.

re: death @ a funeral
Lol, I forgot to copy that the last time around. imma download the smaller version now.

umm, asam laksa does not do that. what have you been taking?? haha.

_VeL_ said...

So bad and mean wan those girls. Some girls really brain grow grass wan la. ;)

cheahwey said...

lol grow grass... it's funny that if not asked to do something, people won't volunteer. but when the leader of the pack chips in, the rest would join. happened during my internship too.

nicole said...

I think it's an asian thing. We're all calculative.. thinking that it is not in the job scope or we're girl means we dont need to do anything else..

And when one fella start helping the poor "labour worker" eg lester, then they would normally join in because they dont want to look bad or give bad impression and stuff..

So even when they joined in to help, after cleaning up they will still complain and murmur and grumble among themselves.. and most possibly curse the person who first lent her hand ..

I was once this bitch, so i know hahaha!