Jul 20, 2010

#18: Keeping busy

I'm selling my Sammi Cheng merchandise (posters, bookmarks, photos, etc.). Leave a message if you're interested.

I spent most of today ridding my room of stuff. Can't say it was therapeutic; more like frustrating. 

From all that stuff in my room, I managed to salvage a couple of things, like a pair of Tsunami speakers with subwoofer and some extra USB cables. On the other hand, my dad salvaged a larger amount of things from my pile of crap. Teing's medals (from sports and kindergarten) and some display items are now in the living room. I've got to say, the location is kind of odd for displays: on top of a shoe storage shelf by the door.

Teing and I cleaned out only four open shelves in our built in wardrobe. That's one day's work. I think it'll take us a whole week to clear everything out. In the meantime, don't visit and don't call me out :)

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