Jul 9, 2010

#17: Aussie South East Coast

A sunny Thursday morning in Hobart.

You know that graduation trip I was talking about back in May, and how I said it was going to be an exhausting trip? It was exhausting, indeed. The lack of sleep and water gave me the flu when I got to Melbourne. I thank my lucky stars I asked Teing to bring our medication (steroid creams, allergy creams, flu pills, Panadol) for this trip (you can never be too prepared!).

Hobart has mountainous terrain. Nicole from 2 years ago, would scream her head off if she had to drive a stick shift here.

The best part about Hobart was Mt. Wellington. Being Malaysian and all, I've never experienced freezing temperatures and strong winds. I have to emphasize freezing temperatures because it wasn't quite like the "wimp freeze" standard (thank you, I coined this myself), which I describe as wimps who complain it's freezing when it's only 14 degree Celsius out, for example.

The view, not from the top of Mt. Wellington but on the way down from it.

In fact, the temperature atop Mt. Wellington was probably 0 degree Celsius when taking into account wind chills (there were ice chunks!). Speaking of winds, it's much worse than Perth's wind storms in Autumn; it will blow you off balance if you don't have a good footing. Despite the harsh environment, it was super fun to go up with friends. All you do is scream at each other over how cold it is.

It seems as though there's a clock tower in every other state.

Churches on every other street.

In Melbourne, we crashed with Velerie's family. What a great bunch. Exceptionally capable, too.

The first day in Melbourne was wet, so we played pool in one of the many rooms in their house. We met up with Choobs the next day and visited the Queen Victoria Market (the Bratwurst sausage from the Deli section is a must!).

Passing through St. Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne.

St. Paul's on the inside. Very holy.

There's definitely a lot of people in Melbourne. Having been in Perth and Hobart where there are less people, I almost felt like a hick. Luckily, I had my Crumpler, Nikon, Nokia and Converse knockoffs *chuckle chuckle*.

After what felt like a 30 minute walk from Queen Vic Market with a detour past St. Paul's, Federation Square, Yarra River and, Crown Casino, we finally reached Melbourne Aquarium.

The penguin enclosure made me a little sad. Because they could see you, some of them would walk up to you and just stare :(

Let me rephrase that: with aching feet and nagging shoulders, my legs buckled beneath me. Never have I walked like I walked that day... since I hit 18 years. I MADE IT TO THE MELBOURNE AQUARIUM ALIVE.

Looks like I caught Paul's distant cousin at a bad time. I think he was in mid-blink.

I thought the Aquarium was okay albeit boring at some exhibits. It reminded me of the one I went to in Odaiba. At least I think it was Odaiba. I can't seem to recall the name. All I remember is that it's on a man-made island.

It's probably chubby, in frog standards. How adorable.

Managed to catch it feeding. Now I know why our Mums ask us to chew our food. This fish didn't chew.

In fact, some parts of the aquariums for both were better than the other. The one in Melbourne had a viewing atrium, right after the underwater tunnel. That was magnificent. Right after that, there was a circular aquarium with a sea turtle, sharks and other colourful fishies.

Surfer dude sea turtle. Finding Nemo, anyone?

In Odaiba, they had a large floor to ceiling aquarium cum feeding tank, a longer underwater tunnel, and a tank full of colourful tiny fishes that looked like a treasure chest. They also had performances by dolphins, walrus, and a penguin.

And then we were off to Sydney!
Okay, I'm exhausted. I think I edited half of these pictures asleep. I kid you not. If they're amazing, then tell me. Because I probably do my best editing when I'm half asleep *chuckle chuckle*.

"Scenic" view in the Royal Botanic Gardens, if you catch my drift.

Interestingly, this part of the park, with the fountain, looked like summer. Where as, on the other side (near the Government House), it looked like autumn.

Ah, I miss Japan in autumn.

I saw the Bridge from Circular Quay at 12pm and aside from the glaring sun, I saw nothing but more sun. After dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks, we explored the area and stumbled upon a photo spot for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Imagine what I could do with a tripod.

Imagine what I could do with better composition.

The maritime museum in Darling Harbour was interesting. And free. Cheapskates rejoice!

Weapons used in whale hunting. Try getting shot at with these, whale hunters. See if it hurts.

Furniture made from vertebrae of a whale. Made me go "WTF". Did you?

Before you know it, we're in Brisbane!

The view from Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Boy, this reminds me of a certain embarrassing Eye here, in Malaysia.

Being girls, we (I mean Teing and Velerie) eagerly left for Harbour Town Outlet Mall in Gold Coast.... and shopped for 5 hours. It was no mean feat, I can tell you that. It almost broke my back.

And after that, we tried to make it to Surfer's Paradise to catch the sunset. But at 5pm, the sun was already setting so we stopped at the first beach we saw.

I love Australian sunsets.

That's it, folks. No better way to end a post than with a sunset.


_VeL_ said...

Damn nice la your pictures. Worth it when you were half asleep. HAHAHA

Did you go to Langkawi Aquarium? It's nice too! With an underwater tunnel as well. Awesome scene too. =)

cheahwey said...

多谢,多谢。 I didn't go to Langkawi's. In fact, I haven't been to Langkawi in a while. Gotta make a trip there sometime.