Jun 26, 2010

#15: Just to say "Hey"

I've been in Melbourne for a day and a half now, and before that, Hobart, for two nights. The trip's been okay so far. Hobart was cold and Melbourne's comparable. But it doesn't beat the weather on top of Mt. Wellington. When I went up, it was raining and foggy. We were literally in the clouds. The wind blew us sideways. Great fun, that one. No pictures though, I didn't want to ruin my camera.

It's been raining in Melbourne since the day we got here. But today we managed to make a trip to the Crown Casino, Federation Square, Melbourne Aquarium, and Queen Victoria Market. That city is huge. My feet are killing me. The trams are a better way of getting around, I reckon.

Here's a photo of the stratosphere (I did my best to hold steady for 20 seconds, BUT LOOK AT THE STARS. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!):
In Stratosphere

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