Jun 17, 2010

Marriage proposals

I just thought of another (theoretical) explanation for getting down on one knee when proposing marriage.

In cinematography, when you're looking down on your subject, it means they're weak, helpless. Conversely, when you're looking up at your subject, they're powerful.

Most men are taller than women right? That means most of the time, they're more powerful than women, if we use the idea from cinema.

Now when men propose, getting down on one knee makes them look weaker, and women, stronger. Therefore, it makes the decision easier for the girl because she feels empowered.

Is this a load of poo or does it make sense?


les said...

sounds like poo to me.
its just a tradition, one man did it and every girl went "AWWWWW that is so damn freaking sweet, why didnt you kneel when u proposed to me you jackass?" so the next man did it and so on.

bet the kneeling during proposal came first b4 the cinematography concept you spoke of did.

btw would bird kneeling down in front of nicole make nicole look stronger? don even think she would feel stronger HAHA

cheahwey said...

this isn't supposed to replace the reason men get down on one knee (whatever that reason is), but as a supplementing explanation to the tradition.

And when i say stronger it doesn't mean physically stronger but a sense of empowerment.

there's never just ONE viewpoint to things innit? most things are multifaceted, i believe. like how helping people makes you feel good about yourself, because you genuinely want to help, subconsciously you're building social capital, you want to be liked, etc.

think of this as an explanation from the social dynamic point of view.

Now, does it still make theoretical sense?