Jun 14, 2010

#12: I'm graduating!

One and a half hours till I sit for my last paper. Hopefully, ever. Because I've declined the offer to do an Honours. So, last paper ever.

With the exam out of the way, I'll have to pack my sh*t and look for a courier company to send it home. Once I've got that settled, I'll be able to live like a spoilt person, do a little shopping for my trip and what not.

Then what? What do I do when I come back? I was thinking... lots and lots of dessert making. Really.

And cut my hair.


sleepycarrot said...

I want! Dessert, that is. :P

Congratulations, by the way!!!!! :D

cheahwey said...

thank you thank you...
if I happen to make a large batch of something (most likely oreo truffles), i'll share some with you! sec17 pick up okay?