Jun 1, 2010

#11: I'm taking my life back

Today, I sent out an update on Facebook announcing that I was quitting Mafia Wars and Tycoons.

I haven't removed the application yet.
I thought I should let the message sink in for a day or two before removing everything (app, "friends") at one go.

It just occurred to me that I'm letting my behaviour be dictated by the games. I'll wake up, turn on my laptop and go to Facebook for Mafia Wars and Tycoon. That's not how I want to start the morning. I start with Twitter first :D (Never start with emails. It's just so depressing.)

While the games have provided great entertainment in times of great distress and boredom, it's not really productive in that I could use this skill for something else. What will my resume say? "Boets Level 308 Fearless"?

I guess until I find out what that is, I'm going to stick with playing my guitar (which I'm going to have to give away by the end of this month, unless I find/buy a hard case for it).

In other awesome news, my expenses last month was only AUD120 so I think I've saved enough to get a laptop+camera bag that doesn't look like a laptop+camera bag! Only nicer. Preferably Crumpler.

Till tomorrow.

*I've updated the tunes down below. Great song. Even better music video!


Gzhang said...

Nyehehe. Crumpler.

I still don't understand how you guys can spend so much time playing those games.

Gzhang said...

Btw, where did you find the blog designs for convicted freedom?

-Littlenicky- said...

i start my day with email lor! and it's not depressing.. in fact its happy-fying =D.. cuz its all shopping mails. hahahahah!!!

cheahwey said...

Gzhang: I didn't understand too, at first. Then I joined. Looking back, I really don't know why I decided that it was a good investment of my time. Has it taught me anything? Not really, just that some people can be greedy, taking advantage of the little guy. Not like I didn't already know that.

Hope you got my reply on Twitter.

Nicole: I don't know how to respond to that...