May 3, 2010

Today I found inspiration

I'm starting to wonder if posts like "today, I..." are more valuable than they seem to be. Logging down what you do everyday isn't as lame as it's perceived when you can look back at (almost) everything you've done. Even now, if I read some of my older posts, I think of how stupidly childish I was. You can't help but compare the you-then and the you-now. But then again, to others, what you did today can make a boring read, what with the length of each post. But when you look at the pile of meaningless crap as a whole, there's something more valuable to it. It's like Twitter, only with more than 140 characters.

I think I'll do this, start logging my everyday. If only for myself to look back and see how I've squandered my life away :)

Of course it won't will be in this blog. Although, I won't discount the possibility of shifting operations to this blog in the future.

What did you do today?

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