May 25, 2010

Embrace the FAIL

At the 6:15 mark, what she said really struck a chord because like she was at that time, I'm finishing up my last semester of university and I'm thinking, "why didn't I take advantage of the opportunities that presented itself"?

My motto used to be "if you have nothing better to say, say nothing at all". Recently, it's "Do; don't think" and coming up in second place, "embrace the Fail".

Thinking is what's stopping most people from doing things because they consider it to be outrageous or unconventional for themselves. But when you stop thinking about what other people think or how horrible it is because you've never tried it before, nothing can stop you.

With all that self-motivational crap done, here's an interview where you hear Felicia Day say "suck my ball" three times within the first minute. It's generally a funny interview although I think non-geeks may not find it interesting because it references geeky stuff. Look out for the eighth question (20:10min). And like this dude on YouTube said, "of course she can't find the ninja" (18:00min).

Actually, at the 27th minute, there's some motivational thing that really does explain what some of my friends, including myself, are doing. We're doing nothing with our lives but spending them online, playing games or whatever, doing nothing. Is it because we're not finding fulfillment? Probably so. At least for me.

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