May 27, 2010

#9: I can almost smell the freedom

Today I handed in the penultimate essay I have to write for this semester and I'm so glad to be rid of it.

That essay was one of the toughest and research intense essays I have written. My reference list was four pages long! All that information squeezed into 2,500 words, it's almost a crime. All that stress was accompanied by poor hygiene and food fell short of being declared "real food". During that five day of writing and research, I showered thrice. Yes, three times. Yes, I was a slob. Yes, and gross too. NEVER AGAIN.

Also, I think it very pitiful but I wasn't well fed -- having only one "meal" a day, if you can even call it a meal. One night, I had cookies for sustenance and it lasted me until I went to bed. Another night, I splurged: TWO packs of Maggi curry noodles. I've never loved carbs more than this.

Not that I want this to be a pity party but more of a reminder of what I did to myself (masochist, remember?), or rather, what life is right now: "Student + Studying = Dying".

One short essay and a take home exam to go before I sit for my final paper! Huzzah!

Till tomorrow.

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