May 16, 2010

#8: Radio silence

It's the time where I start panicking about final year projects and yet I remain unproductive until the last minute. So, to do myself a favour, I'll keep from journalling for a little while. But before I go, tonight's top stories:

Just moments ago, I accidentally swallowed some Listerine. No one was hurt in the incident. Except my tummy. It's not feeling too hot (just a little).

In other news, I hate planning trips and the thought of sleeping in unclean places haunts me. Think: bed bugs. Those critters will climb onto the ceiling if it has to, and fall right on you just to suck your blood. And they're bloody difficult to exterminate because the moment you start ruffling the sheets looking for them, they're going to hide. And they're good at it because they're tiny. Don't even get me started on what happens when they get into your suitcase.

We'll end today's top stories on a happy note: Grand Theft Auto is fun! Although I did get insanely nauseous playing it. See: motion sickness.

Till next time.

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