May 13, 2010

#7: Mamak night

Today I stepped out of the house for a grand total of 35 minutes. In the evening. I did not get any sunlight today. Thank goodness I'm Asian. No need to worry about being too "white" *BIG grin*

The Malaysian student's association in Curtin (I didn't even know we had one!) organized a Mamak Night where we students get to satisfy our growing desires for Malaysian food, which honestly is abundant in Australia anyway, although they usually make you miss Malaysian food even more because they don't taste very good. When you see it this way, organizing events like this creates a perpetual cycle of student's Malaysian food cravings and profits for Malaysian food vendors. Theoretically. And ideally.

Well, The Other One (TOO) and I were there, got overwhelmed by the amount of people in such a small space, the unclearly queued queues and, the poor poor lighting that probably made my eyes worse, and got the heck out of there. We went home for sausages instead.

Till tomorrow.

P.s. Hey guys, could you do me a favour and answer the poll on the right (at the top)? I don't want to keep calling her, TOO. Pick from the list or give me a name your mama would be proud of, mmmkay? TOO may retain the ultimate right to what name I'll use though, in case you kids try to screw with me/her. *hint wink nudge*


Deng said...

What poll????

cheahwey said...

poll gone

_VeL_ said...

That kinda tell how 'often' do you visit her blog. Hahaha