May 10, 2010

#5: I said I won't dwell but I did

Today wasn't quite the Sunday I was looking for. I went all outragey at no one because of substandard work, a housemate with annoying habits and the general lack of privacy.

I've always had very high standards when it came to my work. See: posts from 2006 to 2008. To summarise those years, my high standards have always sent my blood pressure through the roof. I like to use experiences from those years to justify my dislike for group work because I was always the one editing grammar, which is a devastating experience for me, let me tell you that. But nothing beats a groupmate who's unclear about what the team is doing when s/he has sat in on all prior discussions. It's like an employee who doesn't know what the company sells.

I'm not going to elaborate further (redundant?) and will also skip retelling annoying habits of housemates too. I have to stop upsetting myself.

Now The Other One (TOO) is actively upsetting me by hanging out in my room till hours I won't even bother mentioning. I know it's selfish and ungrateful of me to complain since she housed me during my time of great depression (read: my computer broke) but gosh darn it, she's disrupting my peace. I've been laying in bed since 9pm. It's almost 1am. And now, she's on the phone blabbering and giggling away like I'm invisible.

Till tomorrow.

(I sighed really loudly and TOO whispered to her boy toy, "Hwey angry already.." and proceeded to scurry out of my room. Passive aggressiveness at its best. That, and SISTERHOOD! *BIG GRIN*).


_VeL_ said...

Haha. Like damn bad la you. TOO helped you through your hard times wehh (overnight at the lab with you!).

Anyway, this is your last semester already! Doing this for your last time. You won't have to correct people's grammar anymore. Haha.

Btw, I miss you. XD

cheahwey said...

We had a deal then. We go home to MAS for a couple of days (so she can see her boy boy), I have to finish two assignments without my own computer. Not so much a sacrifice for me than it is a trade off for her.

Miss you too. See you very soon!

_VeL_ said...

Means what? You guys going back to M'sia first from Perth?

You two ah. Your turn to go to the lab overnight with her lah then. HahahAHha.

cheahwey said...

No no, not returning to MAS. Only after our trip.