May 8, 2010

#4: Graduation trip

Today I stayed up (way past my bedtime!) doing some research for my trip and now I'm very sure deep down inside, I like torturing myself. 

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I'll be doing some intensive travelling beginning mid-June after my last uni paper evarrrr. There are several legs to this one which will be quite exhausting. I'll be travelling with friends to Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. But before that, I'll be squeezing in some last minute sightseeing around Fremantle and Perth. I wish money grew on trees. I'm going to need new, comfy shoes. Oh boy, do I love shopping for shoes! The hundreds of choices and unreasonable prices just gets me all tingly and stuff!

Till tomorrow. Yawn.

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taipau said...

so u swimming from perth to tasmania?