May 5, 2010

#2: Revisions, Jusqu'à toi, Lunch

Today involved some intense studying for my test tomorrow. It was so intense, I sort of gave up poring over everything and instead chose to skim through most parts. That allowed me to squeeze in some "me" time in between. I'm so glad I did that :)

I managed to watch a couple episodes of Castle, Romantically Challenged and How I Met Your Mother, plus a French movie, Jusqu'à toi. The movie was in French (duh!) and English because it involved cross-continent romance and intrigue. Of course, I couldn't understand a single thing when the scene was set in Paris. There were no English subtitles available too so I made do with a Czech-to-English translation someone did out of desperation. The translation rarely made sense. Still, I managed to follow the story -- guy doesn't meet girl, girl meets his suitcase, guy looks for girl, yadda yadda yadda. I would love to watch it again with proper English subs. If you have it, contact me!

The highlight of the day would have to be my lunch. (I realize how sad this sounds). My breakfast was a bowl of Cocoa pops. Halfway through it, they became fragrant. It was like eating perfume. Not enjoyable. Now, this arvo's menu was:
Salad - Carrots and cucumbers with Thousand Island dressing
Main - Indo mee with cucumbers
I've always liked Thousand Island... I'm not quite sure why, really. I know why I love chocolates, I know why I like cling wrap, but I don't know why I like Thousand Island. Maybe it's because I don't know what it's made of? Sometimes it's best not to know what something is made of. Trust me.

My Mum used to make me drink this Chinese herbal soup with root-like things. I never asked what they were and usually drank them without a fight. But when I grew brains, I went looking for information. I learnt that they were stick-like worms that died from something. I was drinking worms! Suffice to say, I've been a rebel ever since.

There's also this Chinese health supplement called Hasma (雪蛤) which I was told were jelly. I love jelly! But my trip to Hong Kong's traditional Chinese medicine area sort of sucker punched me by surprise. Hasma is the fallopian tubes of frogs. (Take it in, you, who eat them). I watched a lady cut the fallopian tubes out from (probably already dead) frogs. I am scarred for life.

Do you know what I learnt from this? My Mum lies to me. A lot. And that good parenting means lying to your kids.

So, yes, it's been generally, uneventful. Stupid test.

Till tomorrow.


tkc55 said...

Your journal is so interesting and funny, i had a good laugh, keep it up gal!

_VeL_ said...

HAHAHA. Your mom is reading your journal hoh?

Lied to you, just because she want you to grow up healthily. XD

cheahwey said...

MMm.. yes. x)