May 28, 2010

#10: Things are looking up

Today it hit me that I'm doing really well in my academic career.

I feel like I'm being courted by the whole department to enrol in the Honours programme. You can see Deng brag about it here. Yet, finances aside, one of the reasons you would do it is if you see research or academia in your future. And of course, I don't know if those things are in the foreseeable future because, once again ladies and gentleman, I don't know what, specifically, I want to do. I want to do everything! (Naive, I know.) That, and the number of jobs needed in Australia in the new Skilled Occupation List has been drastically reduced. (Although, I think this doesn't affect the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List.)

Also, I need to be fed. Om nom nom...

Till tomorrow.

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