Apr 17, 2010

The Twitter Feed #1

Blog stars: post, post and post again. Prolific posters are top of the blogs

Won over 3 dorky dudes at the bar by confessing my love for Harrison Ford and @nathanfillion. Free drinks for the night +5 for awesomesauce.
When covering comic book conventions, be sure to walk past 400 normal people to interview the fat guy dressed like Aquaman.

Briefing: New law claims a fetus can feel pain

RT @RoseRockx: God heard us RT @1capplegate I am in shock. #justinbeiber isn't a trending topic today. What has the world come to?

The Twitter Feed is an infrequent publication of interesting tweets compiled from Twitter. Now you can enjoy Twitter without an account. Isn't that awesome?! *pregnant pause* Mmm, yeah, okay.

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