Apr 29, 2010

I wish I had enough stamps to mass-post this

Well hello, you.

I'm doing fine. A little up to my neck in assessments but still fine. My sleeping hours are out of tune and I think because of that I'm eating one meal a day with intermittent snack breaks. I enjoy the snacks; I don't quite enjoy having only one meal a day. Not to forget that I'm binge eating because of stress. I'm running out of chocolates. I'm reminded of how fat I've become every time I sit down.

Aside from uni work, I've also been keeping busy with TV shows -- me, trying to escape from reality, no doubt. I'm almost finished with all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis. A few directorial and scripting/editing/producing peeves but lovable characters nonetheless (Talk to me if you've seen it!).

The fridge is almost empty so I'm going to have to stock up. Yet, I don't really want to because that means I have to brave the cold and risk spending frivolously on chocolates.

Wishing I was geektastically cool,

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