Apr 5, 2010

And then Buffy staked Edward: The Video

This mash-up is epic.

When you put Buffy in the picture, Edward just seems really really weird. And creepy.
She's a strong personality compared to Bella. Think of the video as an illustration of how it would be if girls didn't just swoon over Edward "Pale and Emo" Cullen.

via Topless Robot


taipau said...


i m a slayer


slayer?? u should check that up

erm... ar walks away,



cheahwey said...

The bedroom scene was hilarious!
This video's a gem... I think I'm still going to laugh out loud every time i watch it.

taipau said...

its no doubt awesome pawsome hahah

sleepycarrot said...

Where in the world do you find all these amusing videos?!

cheahwey said...

Lots of hours in front of the computer :)