Mar 13, 2010

Caversham Wildlife Park

To sum up my day: I went to see furry animals and was smitten.

If you ever visit Perth, be sure to drop by Caversham Wildlife Park to see some great shows and adorable fur balls. It's a private park with organized operations and awesome guides.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park
I would name this one, Huxtable. But her name's Susie.


_VeL_ said...

Why last time we never go wan? So cute la!!

Who you went with?

cheahwey said...

I can't remember why...
Went with Teing.. a VH organized event.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Her name is big bucks la. Where did Susie come from???

-Littlenicky- said...

i always wonder this: are kangaroos smelly? and koalas?

Gzhang said...

I would name her Squishie. For I would hug her and squish her. So cute!

cheahwey said...

Deng: I remembered susie that wombat.

Nicole: The smelliest were the rabbits and guinea pigs and llamas. Kangaroos, not so much. Not that I can accurately recall now.

Gzhang: Funny you should think of Squishie, because she hates it when you touched anywhere but her lower body. Bit sensitive with her top parts. The caretaker is an exception though.