Feb 27, 2010

Systems failure

*beep beep booooop*

After 3 years, my super-heavy-but-awesome laptop is finally failing.

It could be one of a couple of things - a windows update that screwed it up, a sudden hardware failure or, extreme heat from a couple of days ago that melted its insides.

What does it mean when you can load windows in safe mode but not in normal mode?

You have to be amazed by its timing though. I'm starting classes next week and my warranty just ended. How am I going to survive that long? I'm not really sure but I'll take it one day at a time.

But if I do need a new laptop, I'm thinking, something light but it has to be a semi-entertainment laptop. (Who am I kidding? It's either, or. Not both.)


les said...

ooo yea go get a new laptop.. and gimme your old one lol..

_VeL_ said...

Buy in Aussie don't know expensive or not. Anyway, good luck!

And, check ur FB message. kthxbye. =)

taipau said...

get acer la, worth every penny, eventhough most people are acer hater. my friends mostly aim for acer cause its somewhat affordable, good specs and good quality. either dat, just reformat ur old laptop la. probably will fix it, and i do recommend windows 7, anything else less den tat is almost worthless now. unless its a mac

cheahwey said...

i did reformat it. reformat done, but reinstalling original content failed. it's all in my twitter feed by the side. Google says it could be hp's recovery drive that was faulty, which made the recovery disc i burned faulty as well. which is why I have this error 1002. a possible solution is buying a recovery disc from HP. so I've finally sent HP an email. And I think I'm going to hold off sending it to the computer shop later. It may be the dumbest decision but i really think the recovery disc could help. That's if I even get it.

Gzhang said...

I have an Acer Travelmate. A hand-me-down from the sis. Bought it 5 years ago and still working fine.

Ever considered Alienware?

cheahwey said...

Alienware, the custom laptops manufacturer? What about them I should consider? I prolly missed a point there.

taipau said...

alienware is total pwnage for gamers la. but other then that nothing much , for a mass comm student u can consider mac eventhough ur failed might not be the designer side

asus is another good deal.

hp sucks ass

Gzhang said...

Apparently Alienware kets you assemble your hardware yourself. As in you pick and choose which to put in.

But yeah, a Mac sounds fun. Don't think you have the moolah for it though.

Most of us don't.

-Littlenicky- said...

birds friend bought Ienovo. not bad lah good specs can play WOW summor he bought for only RM3k.. but, still new so cannot tell if its really good yet

cheahwey said...

GZ: I love the idea of putting together my own laptop. Although I think it'd be more economical for me if it were a desktop.

Ben: HP doesn't suck lah. Their service centre in KL is pretty good. Most companies are actually pretty good. In terms of parts, how far different can they be? The difference is prolly in the proprietry software. and customer service. and brand equity.

And I don't need or really want a Mac. THe whole idea of it is pretty pretentious. But the library's installed some Macs, so I'll give it a go and see for myself what's there to toot about.

Nicole: Turns out, I don't really need a new lappie. I just need a new OS if the tech can't fix it.

sean said...

i think it could be your videocard. my computer failed because of the nvidia card. and im sure u read about it before, they had a problematic batch. and like you, i can never start in normal mode, only safe mode.

cheahwey said...

So it's not HP mobo but Nvidia graphics card??? WhaaaA?