Feb 8, 2010

Do you do it anyway?

We all know, generally, what are considered norms and what aren't, right?
Like, you give your seat to those who need it or you don't usually sleep in your car (parked in your home porch) or you simply do things differently than people your age. I'll summarise these actions as "unusual", although norms can differ from culture to culture and person to person.

So, while I was in Ipoh, I saw a Mum let her 4 year old daughter pee outside a store front (by the drain or really, a cement slab over the drain) - in public, in case it wasn't clear.

My dad, is an unusual man... does some things "his" way. Little things, like putting on his socks and shoes, and doesn't remember, or notice, all the time, that his socks are worn over his pant legs.

I wonder, knowing that what you do (e.g. brushing your teeth in your windowed office) is unusual, do you do it anyway (like you just don't care)?


Raymond said...

I sometimes park my car anywhere (parking lots, by the riverside, etc) and just take a nap in the car or just play with my phone. It could go up to hours. Then again, I don't think it's weird or unusual.

I don't smoke, I don't club, I don't do drugs. But that's not unusual for people my age, is it?

I guess if you do something you do, you won't find it unusual whereas others would? If that makes any sense. lol

-Littlenicky- said...

yup my dad remove his slipper in a restaurant... to scratch HIS SOLE


cheahwey said...

Well, the norms are decided by the majority. And to further complicate things, we each have our own ideas of what is acceptable.

So using the majority's idea of norms as a benchmark, would you care what society (friends, family and strangers) thinks of you? Visualise it as giving them the finger and enjoying what you're doing :)

OR you begrudgingly stick to society's definitions of acceptable behaviour, occasionally slipping in some rebellious actions?