Jan 26, 2010

What a great day

I had such a productive day yesterday, I was rewarded with a huge, painful zit and a sore body today.

After 10 years, I finally picked up a badminton racquet and played for 2 hours. It was awesome but I hate myself for not stretching; now my forearms, butt, neck, shoulders all ache.No wait, I think that wouldn't have changed anything. Then the girl friends came over and plans were made for a detoxifying herbal foot-bath tomorrow. But wait, it gets even better. I went to bed at 8pm! (Someone explain to me why I have a zit when I had 14 hours of sleep yesterday.)

Everything I did was a vast improvement from what I usually do (or not do); I do nothing to improve my chances of being more employable (I'm graduating in less than 6 months) and being more healthy. My ass is literally sagging from sitting on it all day.

It's a pity I started exercising so late into my vacation but hopefully this will gain momentum so it gets easier for me to start exercising.

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