Dec 2, 2009

Work experience +1

This job I was involved in for the past 5 days have been pretty good for me. I'm convinced I got some much needed exercise and I think I've even lost some weight. It was an awesome experience running the event together with so many people. It involved long hours, a lot of running around, missing lunch and dinner altogether (thank goodness the products we were promoting were edible) and, many many laughs, mostly directed at our mascot. Have you seen a mascot just fall over? It's the funniest thing ever.

The day before the event was spent driving all over KL and PJ collecting materials. On that same night, we moved production to Sunway Pyramid. Construction at the atrium was underway. By 10am, we were still dealing with last minute issues. No one showered, no one slept. There's pressure involved when you realize you stink and look like crap but still have to face the public and your clients.

Our mascot hatching. So cute ah!
Photo by: Leslie

The first day was a little messed up but the subsequent days got better. We were much more coordinated, and the pep talk from our boss helped a lot as well. A tip to you all, pep talks are good! They get everyone in the zone and instils a sense of unity.

Anyhow, the event ended 3 days ago and I've been sleeping really long hours these few days, recuperating from all that excitement. And let me just say, Amber Chia is effin' tall.

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kenwooi said...

all the best, enjoy your work! =)