Dec 31, 2009

Leaving my print

I hijacked Deng's mode of vehicle and lived to tell the tale. I'm really a very lovable hijacker... who makes cheesecakes. That's why she let me live.

Deng told me I should go write. As in, write articles.
I'm sure she means well, and of course I've been told by others that I should do it. But then again, if it's the same persons who keep telling you that, it's not really an encouragement that you should follow up on. It's like singing to family and they tell you you're good, you get so psyched and decide to audition for American Idol on national television. The rest is your embarrassing history.

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Gzhang said...

Seriously, stop replying to me on twitter by typing @gzhang.

It's gzhanglee.

I can't see your replies otherwise. Unless you're not really hoping for a reply.