Dec 10, 2009

Charity: Water

There's been a lot of charitable activities recently. Perhaps charity is our way of suppressing that guilt of excess; of over-consuming. With December being such a festive month, it's practically a whole month of just feeling guilty. Of course that's just one way of seeing it.

(I'm a cynic, so I usually look at the situation from this side of the fence. It's ironic considering I have humanist opinions when it comes to perspectives on life and religion.)

The other way to look at this situation is, well, the nice way. People are doing what they can to help those in need. Because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are reminded that they have all they need while some still live without basic amenities.

(It just occurred to me that perhaps there is no such thing as two points of view to describe this situation. It's all in the wording, isn't it? E.g. you say "expensive taste in food", I say "knowing when to indulge". Eh?)

You guys know Alyssa Milano - she played Phoebe in Charmed? Her birthday is coming up and all she wants is clean water for ten needy communities.

It's the most important resource in the world, y'know. It's also the best. Doesn't swimming in a pool feel awesome? I love (and now I miss) that feeling of wiggling my limbs in water. (Could a desire to swim be an indication of attachment to the womb?) Honestly, it makes me feel like a jackass for swimming in a pool when there are people in need of clean water...... Oh Jebus, imagine little kids peeing in the pool.

Check out Alyssa's charity: water donation page for more information.

Follow her on Twitter here.

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