Dec 19, 2009

The Annual Guilt-fest

Today, I helped out at a Christmas party for the less fortunate (orphans, deaf mutes and the blind). I found that these orphans are more polite than most kids are; the blind are friendlier than most people are, and; the deaf, well, they have their fervent debates like we do too, despite their lack of auditory fuction.

We can be spoilt and ungrateful; we take things for granted. Some people are ignorant, or as I saw today, choose to be ignorant. It makes me feel so damned depressed. I know how this reads: I'm better than you. Although I do like to say it a lot (because in some ways I am *grin*), I feel the guilt every time I see something or someone less fortunate. Maybe it's because I don't give as much.

Anyway, don't forget to GIVE this season. Not only to society, but to animals too!

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