Nov 2, 2009

What a lively storyteller

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Regular posts will return in a couple of days. Essays come a-callin'.
Every time I say this, I end up blogging some more. Is there a law to describe this (i.e. Murphy's Law and Moore's Law)?


taipau said...

taipau's law of blogger effect.

procrastinate and attenton killer

kaeshiuh said...

hahaha i like this one

cheahwey said...

taipau: well, the name sucks. thing is, it's not quite procrastination because i really have something that i want to blog about.. what to call that?

kaeshiuh: you tak suka the others ah? haha.. sup buddy.

A torn man said...

The slang you speak of.. It is from an asian country I believe? Which part?

cheahwey said...

I'm from Malaysia. Above Singapore. Below Thailand.

Gzhang said...

I think you can just classify it under Having a Life Equivalency.

In this function, Free time = (Desire to clear off work) - (work available squared)