Nov 5, 2009

Don't blame technology for text shorthand in school work

Unwanted influence of SMS language
via The Star Online

I AM really perturbed and irked by the latest development involving the interference and influence of SMS language in the writing of school students, which I have yet to see at college and university levels.

Probably this is due to the fact that college and university students do not hand in written work. School students are so used to communicating with their friends via SMS that they transfer such language to their writing in school.

If such influence is not checked and corrected, chances are that students who are sitting for major examinations are going to lose many marks, which will affect their grades.

Lately, as I was going through some school examination papers, I noticed that SMS language is frequently used in their writing.

Here are some of the examples:

You: u

I: i

Don’t: don

Want: wan

School: skul

Enough: enuf

Because: bcos

Also: oso

Will: wil

Okay: ok

Things: tings

All: al

Although this influence is only among average and below-average students, if it is not curbed it may in time seriously affect academic writing.

Seri Kembangan.

Well dear sir, maybe it's because their proficiency in the English language isn't up to par, and not that of the effects of text shorthand.

Of course, there's no denying that text shorthand is increasingly being used in school work, but don't blame technology. I think this is only highlighting how students don't hold the language in high regard. And we all know why that is. If you think a language is important, you'd bother using it correctly. Think: grammar nazis.


kenwooi said...

i may type like this in SMS.. but when i chat on MSN and when i blog, I'll use full proper english =)

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Probably this is due to the fact that college and university students do not hand in written work.

WTF is he talking about?!?!

les said...

mebe sum-x dey jus purpley wan 2 use farny engrish so tat daddy and mommy don get wat dey wan 2 sey?

i fink he sey writ10 word as in use pen rite lo.. he fag.. fat fag

sleeepy.. bout the camera.. could be censor .. could be memory card.. dont have an extra card to check.. so will wait for youuuu

taipau said...

save time

cheahwey said...

If we go by his theory that texting influences language used in school work, then uni students are supposed to be handing in their work with "thru", "noe" and "tmr", because of IMs.

Anonymous said...