Nov 13, 2009

How to save money this Christmas

via Get Rich Slowly

Forget about thinking up that perfect gift, stop thinking at all!
(No, that's not true. But wouldn't it be swell if it were?)

Just gift that certain someone an experience they would treasure, because; A) you don't contribute to clutter because let's face it, we have too many things; B) experiences are much more memorable, and; C) it's more personal this way!

The thing about experiences is that it can be created cheaply. Unlike material items, you almost always have to fork out a fixed amount for it (assuming they're new and cool and shiz).

On my last birthday, a couple of my friends came over to my place and danced to a Backstreet Boys' song as a birthday gift. Original choreography, mind you. It was one of the best gifts ever. I almost died laughing.

The best part (in an economy like this) is, they didn't have to spend a penny. Well, except for petrol but who's counting?

Stop giving stuff, give experiences.

That said, I'm aiming to make a cake this Christmas, and it'd probably cost at least Rm50 :D


tkc55 said...

It's brilliant Hwey. Hmmm.. that brings back fond memory years ago on my late mom's birthday (can't remember the year), her 6 children and her siblings threw a party with home made food, her children sang songs and played the guitar, it was so warm....

taipau said...

wah u got ur own back street boys concert?LoL

cheahwey said...

So, no presents this Christmas, thanks. I just need cake and familiar company.

Just one song. A whole concert would've been too much. The whole neighbourhood might've been disturbed.

les said...

want a black eye for christmas? lol

nicole said...

hahha. who danced bsb?

i sing u a song hahaha!!! xD

nicole said...

sometimes i really think its hard to be ur bf. buy u present kena scold. . if dun buy then later u not happy.. tsk tsk tsk..

i lagi pity ur husband haha.. pamper you kena scold lol

taipau said...

there wont be enough space and power anyways. LoL

cheahwey said...

lesbo: i appreciate your goodwill but i think someone else deserves it more. haha..

nicole: bernard, marv, josh, ... ben foo?.. oh no, i think i forgot the rest.

Once in a blue moon buy present still okay lor.. don't everyday go buy so wasteful ma.
Who said i'll be unhappy if i don't get presents? Don't overestimate me lah.

Benfoo: weren't you there that night? you talk like you weren't there..

taipau said...

lol. yes i was there~

sien man nowadays. u coming back soon right? or are u back?

Anonymous said...

If I had people willing to do that for me, I'd so treasure them man...