Nov 20, 2009

Fast facts: Television

1. LCD TVs are more expensive, but they use less energy than Plasmas; and vice versa. [source]

2. In the United States at least, Digital TV was introduced to free up airwaves for law enforcement and other emergency communications, among others. [source]

3. In October 2009, Samsung designed their thinnest LCD TV yet - at an emaciating 3.9mm. [source]

4. There is more sex and profanity on cable TV (e.g. HBO) than there is on broadcast TV (e.g. TV3, FOX, NBC). [source]

5. The TV volume goes up during commercials because of the anticipation that viewers walk away from their sets (for toilet breaks, snacks, etc.).


kitkat said...

cool facts(especially fact 5)...i hoep i will own that 3.9mm LCD TV soon=(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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