Oct 26, 2009

Frivolity: Chinapek English

Boi n girl, when I cum bek, I dun wanna to spend mahnee like before. I think har, you all char boh and en dao lafstyle veli wasting mahnee.

Sweet Jesus, that was difficult. Looks like I can only live vicariously through you guys who still have the ability to speak this language.

Anyway, I thought I would announce to the whole world that when I "cum bek", I won't be spending money like before. I've decided that the shopping mall lifestyle of most Malaysian teens and young adults is money not well spent. Lunch at an establishment in the mall costs so much, you could get about 10 roti canai's from a mamak. That said, I shall only entertain mamak invites, other activities which don't require me to spend more money than is necessary and the occasional movie at the mall.



lesbo said...

nicee.. lol

_VeL_ said...

Like that meh? You said wanted to eat dim sum at DJ. So should I call you out then?

cheahwey said...

Lesbo: Does this mean making cakes is out of the question?

Vel: Aiya, crap. We'll see about that, I may not crave it as much, who knows?

lesbo said...

hahaha.. cake is never out of the question!

sure make wun..2 cakes at least. cause the block of cheese is enuff for 2 .. remembeeeeerrr?? lol 1 cake for me.. 1 cake for youu.. betul tak??

cheahwey said...

I checked the price for 250g (i think) cream cheese, it's about AUD6.40, which is very expensive now that the AUD is thriving. So sad.. no cheesecake to eat. The first thing I'm making when I get back is a cheesecake (Nigella Lawson's cherry cheesecake, refrigerated wun)! Will call you to try.

les said...

hahah awesome.. cant wait..

nicole said...

wei ah say edi go near my place tht balinese restaurant try try wan?

and ah yat dim sum 50% off u dowan ah?

and then summor say when u cum bek we go wondermilk yumcha?

cheahwey said...

i dont think we agreed to that last sentence.

i will honour the first one. Wait, is the food even good? If it tastes like crap and cost too much then it would be.. really bad.

-Littlenicky- said...

dun care lah. if it taste like crap i pay for u. but u dun purposely complain say not nice lah!