Oct 28, 2009

Even more special than Merdeka babies

Baby born on plane named after AirAsia

SEPANG: The baby boy, who created national headlines when he was born on an AirAsia plane, has been named Asia Liew Ya Hang.

His mother Liew Siaw Hsia said the Chinese name ‘Ya Hang’ means ‘AirAsia’ in Mandarin.

“It’s the best name I can give my son who was the first baby born on the airline’s plane,” she said in a statement yesterday.

The mother and baby are currently at the Putrajaya Hospital.

Asia Liew Ya Hang was safely delivered on board Flight AK 6506 on Oct 21 when the aircraft was about 800m in the air.

The flight from Penang to Kuching was diverted to the low-cost carrier terminal here when Liew went into premature labour.

The airline has presented Liew and the baby free flight tickets for life to celebrate the birth.

Poor baby, if AirAsia sticks around, his friends are going to call him "Air Asia" instead of Asia. And, I think Asia sounds like a girl's name, not quite unisex.

I wonder what the baby's grandparents think.
Why the fck did you name my grandson after an airline?!


_VeL_ said...

I thought Airlines have a policy for not allowing pregnant woman who is pregnant for more than dont know how many months to take flights.

I thin I read it in somewhere that if they deliver in the plane, the airline will provide them free flight tickets for life. HK Airline I think.

sean said...

stupid name.

taipau said...

if i get air tickets free for life, i wouldnt mind my mom naming me shithead foo

Gzhang said...

Free rides for life is good yes. But from personal experience, nicknames can be cruel.

I wonder if the mother really thought it true. It's like his whole identity is a novelty already.

cheahwey said...

Now I'm wondering if AirAsia's PR person went and talked to her about naming the baby after the airline because "guess what? if you name your baby after AirAsia, you and baby can get free tickets for the rest of your lives"! And then baby mama thought, "wow" and proceeded to name her baby that. The baby's cheap (literally and perhaps figuratively) promo!

tkc55 said...

What if AirAsia folded up? Got to change another name lor?

cheahwey said...

Keep name but no free air tickets lah. 不要想酱多。 Besides, change name would take forever lor, judging by how fast our government processes things.

nicole said...

HAHAHAHA damn funny wei! wtf

ya hang is funny also, not only Asia.

cheahwey said...

Wah, you don't read newspaper wan ah ms. yong? i thought you would've seen it by now leh!

-Littlenicky- said...

i dman busy lah not much time for papers... got time also get to read a bit here n there only