Oct 2, 2009


I just got reminded about something I experienced while in Japan.

At supermarkets, you bag your own groceries at a bagging counter outside after you've paid.

How very awesome.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Awesome. I wanna live in Japan la. But then have to have a minimum of 200k yen when you arrive: for rent, deposit and all that stuff. That's RM7800.

Excluding baggage delivery to your place of work. Cause everybody stops in Tokyo for an orientation before heading to their work place.

_VeL_ said...

OMG. Can die la. Before start earning, already declare for bankruptcy. HAHA

lesboean said...

Thats very awesome?

How so? Its hardly awesome to me lol
How is given the option of bagging your own groceries awesome?Paper bags or plastic bags? wouldnt there be alot of bags that will go to waste?

and you have to go outside to the bagging counter to bag ur groceries? how is that efficient? after u pay.. u must load ur groceries back in the cart.. then unload it at the bagging counter..then load it back..

unless.........theres a slot where u park ur cart at the paying counter where the cashier immediately put whatever she/he has scanned into the cart..and u can return ur cart at the bagging counter.. and the plastic/paper bags are already held open for you..and u just put ur groceries in........... issit like that?
if not then its just efficient for that supermarket..they can serve customers faster than the customers can bag their groceries.therefor making a line at the bagging counter.which will make some customers lazy to bag groceries and will lead to a greener country!? u are rite.. it is awesomeee...lol