Oct 26, 2009

Don't text while driving

You people who text while driving, you know who you are!
It's irresponsible to jeopardize your friends' lives for something that could wait.


Reviewer11 said...

I so agree. Also those who talk on cell phones while driving. They could hurt someone. :O

lesbo said...

i agree! lol..

but still.. so many weak points in that vid.. the girl never looked at the road the entire time she was using the phone, thats just not logic..at the 13th second.. few frames.. one shows the texting girl's car is in the middle of the road.. and when they collided it shows shes on the far right side of the road.. wats the deal with that? she deliberately went straight in to the oncoming car instead of dodging to the left?she's got no common sense..

if i was in the oncoming car i wouldve died seeing as i would dodge to the left and she would ram straight into me..but this guy didnt bother moving..sigh

and what the heck is the third car doing!? it was a 14 seconds collision ok make it 10 with the lil bit of slowmo added.. still who in the right mind would still drive straight into the crash site? and u can listen that he only breaks at the last second b4 he hits the car..

they all deserved what was coming to them.. no doubt it was the texting's girl's fault.. haha.. sooo don drive and sms! especially on two way roads without a divider..

today my brother hit a honda city.. i knew it was gona happen.. seeing as he was rushing out the house.. tsk tsk

cheahwey said...

To think bluetooth ear pieces were sorta popular and widely available, why don't they get one instead?

I'm beginning to think you're actually quite long winded, and not really bullshitting like I thought. To be able to bullshit so many words all the time (emails, blog posts, comments) isn't as easy as people think because at some point, your creative juices just dry up. But to be authentically long winded, it makes writing bull easier.

Correct ah?

lesbo said...

lol i will keep this short.

long winded ah?
1.capable of considerable exertion without getting out of breath

2.speaking or writing at great, often tiresome length

lol i cant speak long windedly.. maybe with alcohol i can.. but not while im sober.. i think..but writing YEAH.. haha.. flooooowwwwsss..and cheahwey cheahwey.. my creative juice will never run out..

Erik said...

The vid is gone.

cheahwey said...

Thanks for the heads up, Erik. It's fixed now :)